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What is a lead capture page? Little to discuss but keep reading and also by time your finished reading through this short article you'll be able to define a lead capture page.

What is a landing page?

A lead capture page is a single page were your able to receive peoples information so you can send them emails and keep them updated with what you're doing. If the wondering what is a landing page, it will be the same task being a lead capture page so avoid getting confused with that. Squeeze pages are good for two things, Building your list and getting on your own known.

What to put on my lead capture page?

Put anything you want on the page, its your responsibility. Your likely to wish to of course be on trading and tell your friends what to anticipate after they sing up. Its better yet to experience a video on the website so people actually know who's behind all of it and they might feel more comfortable providing you with there info. For people to sing up you're going to have to have a subscriber box were it'll give the person a choice to hand out there name and email so they can receive your emails.

Having your page out there

When you have created your website landing page your likely to want people to view it right? There are lots of techniques for getting it out there and that i could be writing throughout the day about this so ill just supply you with the names of all of the places that cost nothing which could work to get people to arrive at your website. Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other video sites, Article sites, Forums. There are many approaches to receive free traffic its just crazy.

Define Landing Page

Recap, What your website landing page needs to have

It ought to have is the face, showing people your an actual person so they really can trust you. Have a place were they're able to type there name and email to help you start sending them emails instantly. Have content that is going to interest them and tell them simultaneously.

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